An open gas fireplace is a great option for architects, designers, and home owners who are looking for a unique and modern feel for their fireplace. Ensure a hotter, cleaner burning fire by using dried “seasoned” wood, particularly hard woods (maple, ash, oak, beech), which outperform softer pine and fir. Our range of slow combustion fireplaces are specially suited to the heating needs of the Australian environment being highly efficient and flexible. A fireplace opening’s height-to-width ratio should be between 1:1 and 1:2. Wood-Burning Fireplaces are as traditional as you can get when it comes to a fireplace. The flue installation pathway is either straight up through the roof above the fireplace; straight up and out via the wall below ceiling height; or out the back of the fireplace and via the wall to outside, and this seldom takes more than half a day for a single-storey house when installed by one of our professional, in-house installation teams. Simple in design features they have a grate to burn the fuel on and an ashpan to catch the ash underneath. Mar 11, 2014 - Explore Summer Palmer's board "fireplaces-round" on Pinterest. Learn how to safely build a fire in your fireplace. Open Fireplaces An open fireplace is a fire designed to be used with solid fuel, this type of fireplace typically burns wood, house coal or in most cases smokeless coal. Check that the chimney is clean and unblocked, and make sure to open the damper. fireplace opening that ranges from 1⁄ 30 to 1⁄65 of the room area. A Focus open fireplace boasts a large hearth that allows the fire to be enjoyed in all its splendour. For a realistic and effective electric fireplace heater, this model with infrared heat is a popular pick. Indoor Fireplaces There’s nothing like having a flickering Jetmaster wood fire to bring comfort and warmth to your home. Indoor Fireplace Majestic Majestic SB5400SS Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual Residential and outdoor fireplace (36 pages) Indoor Fireplace Majestic Vermont Castings HE32EF Installation Instructions & Homeowner's Manual Whether you desire an open wood or an open gas fire, Jetmaster fireplaces are built to provide beautifully efficient warmth and stunning visual appeal. Having an open gas fireplace provides an extremely open view and allows the fireplace hearth to run all the way to the burner – a very clean look. Soft woods such as pine and spruce generally don't burn as well or provide as much heat. A fireplace damper is a device that can be manually opened or closed with the purpose of allowing gases and other byproducts from a fireplace to be safely vented from a building when open, but to also prevent air from escaping the building when a fireplace isn’t being used. Operating a traditional wood-burning fireplace is not difficult if you follow a few simple guidelines. Beautifully crafted and offering an endless array of design possibilities our range of open fireplaces provide superior heat efficiency with lasting workmanship. Slate pavers or mortared stones are another stone choice -- a rustic mortared stone fireplace might extend all the wall up the wall, over the … 1). The Indoor Open Wood by Heatmaster is the only open fireplace to be awarded the Australia Design Award, making it one of the very best open fireplaces Sydney has to offer. With many of these fireplace makeovers, the homeowners aim to correct the mistakes of previous owners. They usually include a mantel and are designed to mimic the looks of a traditional built-in fireplace. Architects & Designers. Gas Fireplaces include Direct Vent Units that vent combustion gasses directly outside, Vent Free Units that use the indoor air to fuel the combustion process and vent safely into the room, and units that replace existing masonry fireplace openings called Fireplace Inserts. First, you should begin by choosing the right fuel. Old wood-burning fireplaces may have decorative colored marble -- or more ornate panels of malachite or lapis lazuli-- surrounding the opening. A free-standing fireplace is a great alternative to a traditional open-hearth fireplace. 99 Just because your fireplace doesn't work doesn't mean it's totally useless. Take the proper precautions when using your fireplace to protect indoor air quality: Choose the proper fuel. At the same time, if the opening of the flue is too wide after starting the fire, you end up wasting a lot of energy through convection. This will allow the inside of the fireplace to come to room temperature. An open fireplace is not, and never was, intended to heat the air. Be sure to burn hard woods, such as hickory, ash, oak and hard maple. There’s nothing more cozy than curling up with a blanket next to a toasty fire on a crisp evening—whether it’s in your family room or your outdoor space, a fireplace will bring you all the warmth and comfort you’re looking for. Stack a few larger logs on the bottom, add a few smaller logs on top of those, and then top off the stack with some kindling. Burning wood in an efficient Jetmaster open fire or slow combustion wood fireplace produces efficient home heating energy. If your fireplace has glass doors, open the doors 15 to 20 minutes before lighting your fire. With its 5,200 BTU infrared quartz heater and a temperature range, 62°F to 82°F, the fireplace can warm even rooms up to 1,000 sq. A fireplace with a fireback is a radiant heater, and has done so since the 15th century. Before lighting up that firewood, ensure the fireplace flue is open or else the smoke and gases will fill up your room. Fireplace designs like this becomes an accessory instead of a key feature. Not only is a wider open-ing more pleasing aesthetically, but a tall, narrow opening … Cold air is heavier than warm air, so if the outside is too cold, it can create a river of cold air flowing down the chimney, into the fireplace, and trapped there by the doors. Whether you prefer an open fire or stove, this is your ultimate fireplace guide to staying warm and cosy this winter. Many fireplace ideas start with granite or marble and will bring a subtle splash of luxury into a cosy and comforting living room. GASPRO Fireplace Ceramic Log Set for All Types Fireplace and Fire Pits, Electric, Gas, Propane, Ventless, Vented, Indoor & Outdoor, Realistic and Safe - 10 Piece 4.4 out of 5 stars 16 $85.99 $ 85 . slightly more rustic look but pretty - anthony7276 The best way to gauge the output of a fireplace is if you notice you're turning the thermostat up or down. Jetmaster open wood fireplaces superbly warm the room while providing a tasteful ambience. There are a variety of different types of gas fireplaces to choose from: an insert, a freestanding unit or a built-in model. The Console Fireplace can accommodate flat panel TVs and includes front and side panels for storing media and gaming accessories. Acucraft's Indoor/Outdoor See-Through Hearthroom Fireplace makes a great addition to this gorgeous home. The feature-packed range is limited only by your imagination, while the variety of fascias and finishes cover contemporary to traditional looks. However, the joy you receive from the scent, the sound, and actively taking part in ensuring heat and light in your home is second to none. Check along the top of the firebox until you locate the vent lever. See more ideas about fireplace, indoor fireplace, hanging fireplace. With a wide range of sizes, Jetmaster fireplaces offer incredible versatility with finishing styles that are really only limited by your imagination. Open the fireplace vent at the top of the firebox. Depending on the type of fuel used, your free-standing fireplace can be completely free … More involved fireplace makeovers might incorporate a lightweight masonry product called manufactured veneer stone, perfect for do-it-yourself work. Reducing the amount of visible brick is another common theme. The 1⁄ 30 ratio applies to small rooms; the 1⁄ 65 ratio to large rooms (Ref. In an open plan home, a great fireplace idea can add charm and warmth to the kitchen, living, and dining areas at the same time. As a result, this electric fireplace heater radiates heat to people and objects in the room without sapping the room of its humidity. Jetmaster Open Wood Fires • Urban use, properties of 2 Ha - 4.94 acres or more *** • Radiant and convectional heat • Heat output up to 5 times greater than traditional brick fireplaces • Minimal cleaning of Log Pan • Suitable for new or existing chimney cavities • Optional Spark Guard available • Future gas conversion available Slow combustion Wood Heaters. Open gas fireplace units are a beautiful design feature – in many cases the focal point of a room. They use wood as fuel and require someone to tend them. Warmingtons’ Technical Engineers can review drawings, offer solutions and advice on all technical questions and detail, to help overcome and solve issues with the installation of your chosen fireplace. Family room - large transitional open concept porcelain tile and beige floor family room idea in Omaha with brown walls, a standard fireplace, a stone fireplace and a wall-mounted tv representation to do ledge stone as surround. Inspiration for a large traditional open concept family room in Seattle with beige walls, light hardwood floors, a two-sided fireplace, a stone fireplace surround and no tv. Anyneo Fireplace Log Set, Non-Toxic Ceramic Wood Log, Realistic Stove Gas Log for Indoor Outdoor Fire Pits Decor, Gas Inserts, Electric, Vent Free, Gel, Propane, Ethanol (9pcs) 3.4 out of 5 stars 8 $69.99 $ 69 . ft. Now any room can be a cozy haven with the Fireplace Console. Gas fireplaces use either LPG or natural gas. Most older fireplaces … … The Duraflame Infrared Electric Fireplace is equipped with a powerful 5,200 BTU infrared quartz heater.