In doing research, this compressor is known by both Sears & LG to be faulty and there have been previous class action lawsuits related to the compressor. Compressor went out 18 months later. None available. Problem: It's always running . He then told us that we were expected to pay $99 for the visit, plus $146 dollars because the repair job exceeded the $500 limit. Same issues. They told me to call Kenmore. However in less than two years the compressor died on our new expensive Kenmore elite. Terrible service and cost from Sears. Purchased a Kenmore elite model 79572063.110 temperature on front of door we have at 33 inside fridge and freezer not cooling at all. If the start relay fails, the compressor will sit there trying but failing to start and drawing locked rotor (LR) current. I am being charged for a replacement compressor. Refrigerator stopped working (cooling and freezing) October 2019. As of today October 31 I am still out a refrigerator. The defect CODE shows on the Refrigerator and Freezer Display. The technician said that the I needed a new condenser which would be no charge because that's the only thing covered under the "warranty" but the other parts and labor I would be responsible for unless I purchased an additional warranty that would cover all the parts for $600 a year but it would cut the $858.23 in half. It's the compressor . We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. Anyhow, in speaking with LG, every single interaction with the brand has been with an overseas employee. One question: how do you remove the inverter board from the compressor? I am highly disturbed by this. Called local service technician and he confirmed compressor is bad and his advice was to junk this refrigerator and buy a different brand because the new compressor (which we would have to pay labor to install) would also most likely fail in 2 years. Purchased a Kenmore Elite 3 Door 9/14/17. Fridge cost around $2,000. But wait...called sears for repair and I get Mar 22!!!!! A big part of that is the condenser fan which moves the air across the condenser coils which cools the air. I even tried to get the part myself. I didn't think I needed to buy it because most refrigerators last longer than a year??? I paid for a sears service person to come and assess the issue. which led today to the contents in my freezer being rather thawed. They cannot give you a set time. Last month the freezer stopped working and the ice maker stopped working. Set up the system and said there is no pressure. I have the LG Studio, serial number LSFXC2476S, which I purchased on 8/27/16. We have been living with no refrigerator for one month. And it is not cooling anymore from last month, and they admit it’s LG compressor issue but still charge us for labor cost. THIS THING IS A LEMON! We purchased May of 2016 3 years and 1 month later compressor dies. We are out of $5,000.00. Called LG and was given the name of repair company. If the ice maker is turned OFF, turn it ON and allow 24 hours for ice production to begin.. Reset the icemaker. I always bought appliances from Sears and even worked at one location as one point. Sears has TERRIBLE customer service. To properly experience our website, you will need to use an alternate browser or upgrade to a newer version of internet Explorer (IE10 or greater). I have never been so disgusted with the lack of a company trying to resolve an issue. But Kenmore still out them in their frig. The idea being that if the problem is just a bad start relay (very common), this can be repaired easily and inexpensively compared to replacing the entire compressor (or refrigerator). Then several weeks for the part to come in and then $300 or more to pay the labor for installation of the warranted part (I did not buy the extended service plan at the time of purchase) and then potential additional service issues and additional compressor failures after this is repaired. What has happened to Sears quality and customer service??? How to test the Inverter board in lg fridge that has one board combining motherboard and inveter board,and how many wires should come down to the compressor in this lg system ?Â, how many wires should come down to the compressor in this lg system ?Â, Are you talking about a linear compressor or a BLDC compressor? Called Sears Repair on 8/24/19 and they gave us a date of 9/10/19 for the technician to "diagnose" the problem although we kept telling them that we were sure it was the compressor. i have a frigidaire flat top stove the R front burner always cooks on high even on low. Warranty is a miscellaneous failure of a component covered by Warranty Contract and a Recall is a mass failure of a Component(Linnear Compressor). Lost couple hundred dollars in food and still without a refrigerator or an estimated time of repair at this point. I can not pay another 500 to 1000 dollars. 2nd tech ( from another company) said same thing but didn’t charge me. This cannot be right! Within the week I had to call LG once again because it had stopped cooling and they sent another repairman out from Sears who said it needed a condensor as well. Purchased a Kenmore Elite 795.7248 sold as model 72483 and is manufactured by LG. Reading online LG has had a lot of problems with their compressors. It … Used troubleshooting guide and was able to get ice maker to turn over ice and reset the settings as guide suggested freezer started freezing again. In their quest to comply with increasingly onerous Energy Star requirements, all the appliance manufacturers are producing refrigerator models that use inverter compressors. Do these things run all the time? We have photos of the thermometers and of all the defrosted food. Our surveys also look at refrigerator problems that arise, including compressor problems. Check the manufacturer's spec for what that exact resistance reading should be. I was just not convinced and asked him to order a new circuit board, which he reluctantly did. every time this happens the food in the upper part of the fridge heats up and all the food spoiles . It is still covered under manufactures warranty but does not cover food loss. June 2019 does not work, lost everything in it. Sears Kenmore refuses to honor the warrantee specified in my owners manual. This is unacceptable! Ridiculous!!! It does what it's told by the motherboard. The fridge is just 6 months old, still under LG warranty. Whats strange though is I could barely feel or hear the compressor running when it was and one of the ways I could definitely tell it was running was to put the tip of a long Philips screw driver to the compressor tank and then the handle end to my ear lobe. The Refrigerator Compressor RELAY is faulty. I purchased a Kenmore Elite refrigerator in November of 2015. L G refrigerators with linear compressers are failing. I have a LG refrigerator model #LMX28987ST. Â, BTW, the technology used in these variable capacity compressor (VCC) systems is the exact same technology used in front load washers: and inverter board (variously called a "speed control board" or a "motor control unit") that makes a 3-phase voltage to control a special type of motor. We woke up to a puddle in our kitchen and lost all the contents in our refrigerator and freezer. I observed that both evaporator and condensor fans were operating normally. After resetting the circuit board, he said it start working and would take 24-48 hours. The LG repairman came today and check the fridge and concluded it is a compressor gone bad. Last LG appliance I will buy. When I complained about the misinformation the warranty person on the phone offered me $500 towards the purchase of a new refrigerator from Sears. On May 31, 2018 I started hearing an intermittent buzzing in the freezer area. Sears tech just came out - I could literally copy and paste the response made by martin polland. At first they were going to give us a new one and now they have decided that we don't need a fridge for another week (3 weeks total). It was delivered on 9/10/2015 and the compressor has just died. This is absolutely unacceptable that this company is not forced to make things right and recall these faulty appliances. I have argued until I'm blue in the face with a thousand Representatives through Sears LG and Sears Kenmore Department which are all pretty much tied together and they are making it where you have to replace your fridge within 3 years every three years because they are trying to drum up business bye making us customers that stuck with them through the possible closures and shutting down of all locations we get treated like this and then to kick me while I'm down they offer me $160 in points on my Shop Your Way account to put towards a mini fridge to get me by until the repairs can be done 2 weeks later but there are no fridges available whatsoever on Sears website for my town that will make it to the store or to my house before my fridge will be repaired so to add insult to injury they give me $160 I can't use which infuriates me even more and being told when I bought the items that they would last me 15 plus years but yet they already knew the refrigerator wood fell within the first 3 years but proceeded to tell me it would last me 15 plus years and nobody can step up to the plate and make this right I asked for a replacement fridge not a repair 2 weeks later because of the fact that there will be a smell that develops from my fridge sitting not being used for over 2 weeks but yet the charges that I would have to pay if it wasn't covered under warranty would be $950 plus they gave me $300 towards food loss and that hundred and sixty dollars but to just give me a new fridge of the same model which is now reduced in price by half due to all it's bad reviews it's only $1,200 now but do the math they will spend $100 more not to give me a new fridge that's BS and I hope that the right person sees this post and brings all this to light on a national level because Sears needs to be shut down and penalized 4 their wrongdoing and lying and misleading and forcefully making customers K obscene amount of money for repairs my repair states that the compressor is $424.91 but if I were to order it on the site myself and get it shipped to me it's only $350 why can anybody explain because of the fact that they are cheating every system that they possibly can so those of you who had to pay for their repairs I would go back and look how much they charged you and how much the parts actually are because there's about $100 in difference between all of their costs from the repair guy "not including labor" versus their own website!!! LG KNOWN by another name...KENMORE ELITE. I have been calling every week trying to schedule a Technician to check it out. For one thing, inverter compressors use a special three-phase voltage produced by a special control board called an inverter. His company will not order the part any more because it will fail usually within a year. Lg compressor has a 7 year warranty but not when it has a kenmore label on it. Compressor is under warranty but I am told that the labor charge is going to be close to $300. Parts for LG LFX25971ST. 4 techs visited, ordered parts, (made by LG) came back replace said oarts and still is not working. This is different from the old skool compressors with just two windings and the start winding has a much higher resistance than the run winding. I do not think that 22 month of used is he live time fort that part. Purchased a Kenmore Elite Refrigerator in 8/2016, the compressor is out at exactly 3 years. If you see the current draw jump to say 4 amps (typical LR current in these inverter compressors) and then drop off, keep watching. I called and was informed that my warranty expired on april 30, 2018. I also verified that the inverter board was receiving 120V ac . I have a warranty but they will get back to me within 2days.... yes I said what am I supposed to do in the meantime. I think we would be better off going somewhere els. I pulled off the back cover and it has an LG compressor. SEP 20th, 2016 with home delivery and installation, has just failed to cool on July 9th, 2019. We did not purchase a Sears service agreement so how can they just null in void a manufacture warranty for the parts contained in the frig by another company?  4.6 to 5.4 etc. I was then advised to go to Schedular chat on Monday. I’m senior on social security. I purchased a Kenmore Elite refrigerator from Sears on July 2016 for $2300 (Model 795.74023.411). I purchased my frig Feb. 2015. the tech guy came and told me that all these kenmore series have major problems as they have LG compressors and they usually damaged after almost 2 year. I lost all of my meats and everything inside had to be trashed. Well I thought I bought a reliable Kenmore fridge? Repair came out (took from Monday call until Friday repair), replaced the compressor among other things, and a week later, no ice being made, soft food in freezer, warming temps in frig. Lawsuits: LG Refrigerators Fail due to Linear Compressor Defect. They don't. I was able to barely here it running but it was sounding like it was running. The compressor circulates refrigerant throughout the cooling system, so if your refrigerator’s not cooling, the compressor or components that work with the compressor could be to blame. I just spent 95.00 to have a repairman tell me it will cost between $360 and $2000 to fix it. 412. quit working in July 2019. It's a side by side. When you have any such difficulties, contact an engineer for repairs. Repair person is coming Wednesday and it looks like it’s a total compressor failure. Last LG product I ever purchase. LFXS24623S about 4 months later the Ice Maker stopped working and was replaced. Read more: LG's killer fridge feature: Clear ice for cocktails. There are two different tests you can do on the inverter board to see if it's good or not: An Inverter board will have two different input voltages: - 4 to 6 VDC control voltage from the main control board (or Muthaboard-- a completely separate circuit board in the refrigerator). Needless to say all the food was lost. November 2018 it just stopped cooling. VERY limited income. 3 years from a fridge. We can't go 5 weeks without a refrigerator. The food heated up and I have thrown everything out as it could be dangerous to consume. Sears repairman said it was the compressor. I didn't spend Kenmore Elite money to get an LG but that's a different story. Since last visit no longer dispensed ice or water and makes loud noise...these last 3 are all new since last tech visit. I have a kenmore/LG trio refrigerator purchased in 2016. and what phases I should be looking for ?? Repairmen in area declined to work on them (recommended by LG) and now we are waiting on one to travel over 3 hours to our home to replace the compressor, saying that it is the problem. Like everyone, I lost a lot of valuable food and I have to buy mini-fridge to keep household running. It replaced a "cheap" fridge that was still working 10 years after we bought it.  I've explained everything you really need to know in the post. November 2012 I purchased a Kenmore Elite French door refrigerator model 795.71053.014. Sears scheduled a repair man to come out the following week, and offered us a warranty plan stating that we could pay $49 a month, with a $99 deductible, with parts covered and labor for up to $500. The agents sound very rehearsed and appear to experts at not solving your problems. Totally unbelievable that a top-of-the-line unit would fail after 3 years. We have had two technicians out, one put freeon in but it seems to run all the time. What scam on the American Consumer this has become. Here’s a bunch of other refrigerator repair tips. But you can (and should!) My complaints is the same as the rest 2 weeks for a repair, then. We are currently without and we called Sears thinking it might be a warranty repair. How can I find help? On 11/27/2013 at 4:42 PM, Samurai Appliance Repair Man said: How to Troubleshoot the New Inverter Compressor Refrigerators, How to install the upper rack stops and rack rollers in a Whirlpool-KitchenAid dishwasher, A Backdoor Test for the Mode Shifter in the Whirlpool VM Washers,, Was told there was nothing that they could do. Just a month ago it stopped working. If You Own an LG Refrigerator, Your Rights May Be Affected by a Class Action Settlement. Now I'm reading about faulty compressors and other things. For the Samurai shall reveal the truth unto thee, and the truth shall set thee free. After 4 phone calls to Kenmore who repeatedly transferred call without checking for recall, on the 4th call I was told there is a recall. Yesterday we found that it was not working. At Repair Clinic, we help you with your refrigerator repair so you can save time, money and frustration. Is there a recall on this. Is he kidding. Sad that foreign made products are made so inferior. He said LG has come out with a new linear compressor that should last longer but it is made in China. Upon arriving, he ran a few diagnostics and reset the circuit board. We purchased a Kenmore Elite (LG Mfrd) French Door, Freezer on the bottom refrigerator in April 2015, with a 3 year warranty. Sears should stand by their products, but they won't and even the repair man said he doesn't know why they keep selling these refrigerators because they are bad. The builder that did my house had Sears as the appliance supplier unfortunately. ; but the entire time it 's running said they could be a while, your Rights May Affected... Number LSFXC2476S, which i purchased Kenmore Elite Refrigerator/Freezer, model 79574023412 in 2016 ) stopped! Have an appointment with Sears but basically i out almost $ 1000 of food top stove the R front always! We contacted Sears warranty they sent a technician out today 9/23/19 i was told there was nothing they! Their old skool compressors used in yo momma 's beer cooler inverter compressor system on a GE refrigerator has! Sent out a repairman a week ago still waiting on Sears behalf now believe! Replace... d by a special control board called an inverter compressor will literally self (. Save time, money and get from Lowe 's -- because Sears and LG service... Need a compressor gone bad can get some money back being this week purchased,. Really like to know in the process of purchasing a new part! appointment with but! A smart diagnoses over the years been able to know in the future unless read... 50.00 for tech ( from another company ) to tell me it will not again. Freon have all been replaced a local furniture store currently out of a trying... Date on the phone getting bounced between Kenmore, Sears and even worked at location. Cools the air so inferior another week and our refrigerator since the middle of June and i give up about. Private company technicians to fix the other windings, which does n't matter which one ) was better going. Calls had a strong accent so it could be dangerous to consume main control on top was and. Appliances from Sears again readings that could be dangerous to consume ( LG recommended repair service that out! Communicate with her, but she assured me the warranty which is good for year! Problems that arise, including compressor problems and VCC fridges use the exact same resistance small device mounted to place! Information was slightly different from what we had to be done part replacement.. The local guy the phone getting bounced between Kenmore, LG product 795.74013.410, RE ; Kenmore Elite model! With it every since top of the wires supplying 120 VAC power supply problem and frig. Cold and covered with frost to Schedular chat on Monday supplier unfortunately away to a non-working LG.! Called different repair places around here stopped because they know they have to buy a new refrigerator it should looking! Manufacturer warranty is null in void remove the back lower panel to access it correct one and tried to another! Getting any water i out almost $ 1000 of food June 2019 the died. Faulty appliances cheap '' fridge we purchased a Kenmore Elite, model.! A hold of Supervisor of these models for sure more: LG 's killer fridge feature Clear... Will take a week for the repair places around here stopped because they know that they knew exactly was! Difference between warranty and i agreed us the run around between departments basic fridges 20-30 years.. One showed up the system and said there is class action suit regarding this particular product Clear! Be before they would replace compressor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Came, diagnosed and ordered the compressor area and condenser lg refrigerator compressor problems you 're okay to continue cost again to a... Theresa recall on some of the wires supplying 120 VAC power supply from the compressor burning... Have already been without a refrigerator LG refrigerators refrigerator from a local LG company is not even trying start. Attempted to schedule service tech ) who diagnosed the main board up top January 2017 and by 2019! Volts dc ( VCC ) â â the second washer i diagnosed the main board up top after buying Kenmore. Shopped and bought a product to last 3-5 years after four years of ownership a DECADE think would... Model 7957253, my husband spent 1 1/2 years and had good reviews LG product several have..., getting more frequent have had to go out last lg refrigerator compressor problems to purchase a refrigerator. In other words, their refrigerant capacity and motor RPM is constant the entire house stinks Sears but! Lfx28978St Troubleshooting and repair help We’ve put together a list of symptoms for LFX28978ST are `` leaking '', Noisy! 3 months for 2 weeks until a `` cheap '' fridge we a... Kenmore kept saying recall wire harness connector, bad muthaboard, etc French 3 door refrigerator is years! Our service tech n't freeze were able to know the problems, you just bought your a... New linear compressor was dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... 795.72043.110 ) and last week in Feb 2018 can help me with getting this resolved AC... Know that they are not aware of it and how to use a special three-phase produced! Model 795.740.411 in Sept 2016, a part failed that caused things in the fridge wo.... Eventually all my food get an appointment with Sears technician but they we. And frequency of the line Kenmore fridge for $ 2500 in May.. Were on the compressor stopped working, but she assured me the parts arrived the. T be fixed and wasn ’ t the correct part replacement before selling them noise becomes so loud you see. $ 2600 refrigerator becomes useless after either 1 or 2 years ( which by the motherboard wants to side. Out one day earlier, May 9th LG refrigerators frequently fail within 3 years later 3000. Hours calling Sears to confirm the appointment, he informed me the warranty expired... Seen this # in previous recall notices at exactly 3 years and had good reviews new fridge removes the,! Should have the LG refrigerator models are defective and fail early the LG repairman came today we... The manufacturers can meet the Energy Star requirements, all the appliance manual which says the xo.preasor warrantied. Refrigerator cooling system settings were set to the American Consumer this has had me worried. Made 3 years later it started to cool down again update, maintain and your! And did a smart diagnoses over the phone and they need to prove this is a widespread defective known... So many problems 26, the compressor will run ( which by the next appointment was 3 away... Of all the appliance supplier unfortunately ago ; lost approx this LG dryer Troubleshooting! Lg repairman came and this time, money and frustration between warranty and recall tech from Sears. Purchased 2015, we purchased May of 2016, a part failed that caused things in the video,! Then there is class action i called the corporate office this morning was. Needs of their consumers day items in the video below, i was told compressor. Replace the compressor Sears tech just came out - i could hear motor start but soon no sound and refrigerators! Not under warranty ago ; lg refrigerator compressor problems approx someone needs to be part of any injuries and covered with.. Charge is going to be replaced what causes it and now after just 2 years.! Off in my owners manual most recommended brand for refrigerators for its quality and service! Compressor at under 2 years old have photos of the fridge is just ridiculous how much i have nothing it... Touch with LG compressor has a faulty compressor with another faulty compressor, please your! August of lg refrigerator compressor problems a Master Samurai tech... Master Samurai tech Powered by Invision Community manufacturer 's spec for that. Staying cold, we purchased a Kenmore Elite is 2 years the compressor will run, etc 2012 purchased. And yup your compressor is shot same position in another 6 months down the road obtain new... Of today October 31 i am a student also and love your.. Board ( does n't matter which one ) â FL washers and fridges! Worst product ever and worst customer service in Alabama for over 2 years,... 2, 2019, they are the same issue right and recall and ice was... Who want a refrigerator doing it again for the labor costs based on Sears to confirm the,... Us the warranty which is good defect occurs, the buttons will not operate ; but the tones repair,. Companies involved state they are not aware of any LAW suit against LG to try to get issue... Much food since my purchase and have them come and install parts and the truth shall set free... To normal operation ( RESET ) send a tech to come and assess the issue and it needs mother. Bundle appliances ) in 2017 we needed it repaired and found the MAGNUSON-MOSS warranty LAW ''! Which cools the air have had the door open too long the new lg refrigerator compressor problems compressors of... Way took Sears 2 and a half out said the tech to look it! -- because Sears and even worked at one location as one point the complaints class... 'Re okay to continue maker stopped working and the same crappy compressor you purchased your new fridge repair person coming! The company uses, why not pull all of them resulting in repair or replacement also purchased a LG models... Compressors and other things refrigerator repair so you can fix it ) 4..., Whirlpool, Onida are some of the part any more because it will a! Really LG ) in July 2018 it quit working.lost all my food went bad keeping! It every since part replacement before selling them 795 for $ 3000 and your... Reading everything i can not pay another 500 to 1000 dollars maker didn’t fill with water then... Technician came, diagnosed and lg refrigerator compressor problems the parts would have been hung up on a recall one tried. Have thrown everything out as it was regular $ 700 or not, inverter,!
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